Your Personal Assistant will handle the details

If it can be done over the phone and internet then we will do it!

We provide our customers with a First Class Personal Assistant service. Weather it’s making your vacation travel plans to ordering your groceries. Or confirming your appointments over the phone with your clients. When we say “If it can be done over the phone or internet” we mean it.*

Appointment Services

Never miss an appointment again. Your Personal Assistant will send text message or email reminders to you and your clients so you can focus on the important matters of selling.

Email Services

How many hours are consumed composing, spell checking and organizing emails? That is time that could be used selling. We take care of all the heavy lifting by creating emails, setting up drip campaigns and much more.


You know that feeling you get when you realize you forgot an important meeting or phone call. Although we can’t be at the appointment for you, we can help make sure you are by sending daily reminders for just about anything. Now you will never forget when that important policy is coming due!

Customer Care Services

A personal touch is always the best tool in showing your clients you care. Most of us don’t have time for little things like birthday cards or sympathy cards. Well, we have you covered! And the cards will even be in your own handwriting and your signature.

Organization Services

How nice would it be to come into the office every morning with everything organized! With Personal Assistant it can be. We take care of the tedious tasks of importing prospects in the CRM, handle information requests and even keep track of policy information so you have it when and where you need it.

*We are not a telemarking company and we do not do cold calls for sales people or anyone else.

If this was everything, Personal Assistant would be well worth the cost.

See how easy it is to simplify your life

See how easy it is to use your Personal Assistant.