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See how Personal Assistant is giving you the tools you need to grow your business at a price you can afford.

Its our goal to help you increase sales

Appointment Services

Never miss an appointment again. Your Personal Assistant will send text message or email reminders to you and your clients so you can focus on the important matters of selling.

Email Services

How many hours are consumed composing, spell checking and organizing emails? That is time that could be used selling. We take care of all the heavy lifting by creating emails, setting up drip campaigns and much more.


You know that feeling you get when you realize you forgot an important meeting or phone call. Although we can’t be at the appointment for you, we can help make sure you are by sending daily reminders for just about anything. Now you will never forget when that important policy is coming due!

Customer Care Services

A personal touch is always the best tool in showing your clients you care. Most of us don’t have time for little things like birthday cards or sympathy cards. Well, we have you covered! And the cards will even be in your own handwriting and your signature.

Organization Services

How nice would it be to come into the office every morning with everything organized! With Personal Assistant it can be. We take care of the tedious tasks of importing prospects in the CRM, handle information requests and even keep track of policy information so you have it when and where you need it.

If this was everything, Personal Assistant would be well worth the cost.

Appointment Services
  • Manage deadlines – Your Personal Assistant can help you keep track of what you need to do, such as getting back to a prospect, making sure applications are submitted to the carrier, following up with an underwriter, or any other item you need to follow up on.
  • Enter date and time stamped notes for each appointment.
  • Enter in upcoming appointments and schedule an Email or text message reminder to go to you and your client.
  • Email follow up messages after appointments.
  • Save a permanent record of every appointment.
  • Send you an email each morning with a list of your calls and appointments for the day.
  • Send you an email each month with a list of clients who have a policy coming due.
Selling Tools
  • Send a Contract Renewal Email to every client one month before the renewal date and set an Email or text message reminder for you to call them.
  • Send Email Campaigns to all your contacts for you on any schedule you want.
  • Schedule annual renewal appointment with your clients
Customer Care Services
  • Send a Birthday Ecard to all your Clients and Prospects on their birthday.
  • Send a mail out birthday, sympathy or get well greeting cards in your handwriting and signature to your clients. (Requires an additional charge for the card and postage.)
  • Prepare newsletters
Email Services
  • Create all your emails for you
  • Set up Drip Email Campaigns
  • Save a permanent record of every incoming and outgoing Email for every client and prospect.
  • Read your emails and only send you the ones that are important.
  • Handle all correspondence – Once you are comfortable with your Personal Secretary He/She is the first line of defense in managing your email. How many times have you said you are buried in email? They make sure the important messages get to you and others do not.
Organization Services
  • Import all your clients and prospects into the system for you.
  • Handle information requests that come from your clients.
  • Keep track of all your policy information for each client.
  • Keep track of all your commissions listed by Company, Plan Name and Client.
Other Services
  • Create and manage newsletters
  • Contact management assistance
  • Quote management assistance
  • Presentation creation in PowerPoint
  • Run your BusinessETouch CRM
  • Follow up on pending requirements
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Compile information
  • Make decisions – As you begin to trust the capabilities of your Personal Secretary, he/she can make decisions on the tasks they handle. You identify the situations you want to be consulted on, but otherwise your Personal Secretary can keep you out of the mundane by making prudent decisions on the issues you really don’t need to be involved in.

Personal assistant is available as an add on service to your existing BusinessETouch account. Call 406-558-4093 to get started.


See how easy it is to use your Personal Assistant.